Two Guarantees: First Return on investment - Second: 30-day money back

When you join you get two guarantees. The first one is a return on your investment for the one-time entrance fee for the first 36 months. We guarantee that you generate revenue in billable hours, affiliate commissions and bonuses that will cover your investment of the one-time entrance fee during the first 36 months.

Of course, we need your cooperation each month to see where you stand. Actually, this first guarantee is valid if you report your progress every month on your own initiative to our head office and keep up to date with your monthly fee payments. But that is part of doing business. If, for some reason you do not make the above-mentioned investment back within the first 36 months, we will (group-) coach you for free until you do.

The reason is that we want you to make money as a DC and increase your income massively.

We feel that there should be an optimal balance between the investment that you make in DC and the amount of money you make via DC. If the balance between the investment and the revenue is not optimal, then it may be best not to proceed as a DC after your first 12 months.

The second guarantee is a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee on you entrance fee and month fee for group coaching.

“No Questions Asked" 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

It couldn't be more simple. Get my system, learn it, and begin applying it to your business. If for any reason (or for no reason whatsoever) you are not absolutely thrilled with the system, if you don't feel it lives up to every single promise I've made and then some, simply return it for a "no hassle", "no questions asked" full refund.

You are not going to find any tiny print or lawyer-speak here. The guarantee is plain, simple, and fair-as-can-be. If you aren’t thrilled, I' II happily return every cent you invest.

It just can't get any more fair than that.

And yes. I know with the strong guarantees I am offering, some unethical slimeball is going to try to rip me off. I'm willing to accept that risk. Giving you the peace-of-mind that comes with zero-risk, performance guarantees, just seems like the "fair" thing to do.

Your investment in my DC Prosperity School program and system is tax deductible (be sure to check with your tax professional.)